Metal Door Kick Plate Kickplate Aluminium Brass Steel Copper Manufactured in the UK

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Kick Plates can be used on a variety of doors such as automatically closing doors and single or double swinging doors as well as being used on emergency exit doors

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Manufactured in our UK factory.

Kick plates are available in different sizes, shapes and materials.

They protect the door from objects that would cause damage.

Smaller plates are used for foot level protection such as kicking or wet mops

Larger plates are used within medical facilities to protect doors from damage due to stretchers or beds that are moved about.

Other sizes can be manufactured, please message us with your sizes for a price.

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1.2mm Copper, 1.2mm Polished Brass, 1.2mm Polished Stainless Steel, 1.2mm Satin Anodised Aluminium, 1.2mm Satin Stainless Steel, 1.5mm Aluminium Chequer Plate, 1.2mm Black Powder Coated Aluminium


300 mm (30 cm), 325 mm (32.5 cm), 350 mm (35 cm), 375 mm (37.5 cm), 400 mm (40 cm), 425 mm (42.5 cm), 450 mm (45 cm), 475 mm (47.5 cm), 500 mm (50 cm), 525 mm (52.5 cm), 550 mm (55 cm), 575 mm (57.5 cm), 600 mm (60 cm), 625 mm (62.5 cm), 650 mm (65 cm), 675 mm (67.5 cm), 700 mm (70 cm), 725 mm (72.5 cm), 750 mm (75 cm), 775 mm (77.5 cm), 800 mm (80 cm), 825 mm (82.5 cm), 850 mm (85 cm), 875 mm (87.5 cm), 900 mm (90 cm), 925 mm (92.5 cm), 950 mm (95 cm), 975 mm (97.5 cm), 1000 mm (100 cm)


150 mm (15 cm), 200 mm (20 cm)


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